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  • Our Story

    We’re Kayla and Eric, creators of Winks and Whiskers. Let us be upfront about this story:

    it starts with a dog

    One afternoon in 2014 at a rescue shelter, we met Sadie, a five-year-old, one-eyed rottie/chow mix who stole our hearts. From that moment on, our lives were changed for good. And now here come the feels...

    Neither of us ever imagined how much pet adoption would affect us. Since that day almost three years ago, Sadie has never left our side. In good times and bad, through illness or injury, she’s our faithful companion.

    and a community

    Countless meet-ups, pup play dates and dog-friendly festivities have introduced us to an entire community of pet parents who share similar adoption stories. In getting to know new friends, we’ve also noticed no shortage of pet-proud apparel and products geared toward folks like us.

    Surely, you can imagine— those punny slogans and oh-so precious prints that were nothing like the trendy graphic tees we’d wear every day. We’d wonder, when did loving your pet require throwing your style out the window?

    So, in a little coffee shop in Grandview, Ohio, we came up with an idea for a line of apparel that would speak to pet parents like ourselves:

    proud and passionate with an eye for great design

    Out of a need for on-trend pet-proud apparel, Winks and Whiskers was born. With Sadie, our One-Eyed-Wonder by our side, we’re bringing the world fresh, fashion-forward graphic tees, tanks and accessories.

    what’s in a name

    Sadie, with only one eye, looks like she’s winking. It’s kinda her trademark, along with her unruly whiskers. Besides being our co-pilot, she’s a continuous source of inspiration! Sadie’s adoption story is also a major part of our mission. With every sale from the Winks and Whiskers collection, we’ll donate a portion of our profits to a dog-focused charity, with the hope that our story can inspire more just like it.

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