Over $1,700.00 donated in 2016!

Mar-Apr 10% of profits go to ARF!
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    Why We Donate

    Winks and Whiskers has teamed up with our new spotlight charity, Angels of Rawley Foundation (ARF), from San Diego, CA. This special collaboration began with a dog in need. We found Bruce abandoned on the side of the highway while traveling, and they found him a loving forever home. With a twist of fate, they reached out to us about being a spotlight charity RIGHT when we found the little guy. It was a match made in doggy heaven! We got to witness first hand how efficiently these guys can kick it in to gear. In a matter of two days, we had Bruce picked up from a neighboring town and placed in a foster home. Several more days later, he was adopted!


    Angels of Rawley Foundation (ARF) was born the day ARF's founder adopted her dog Rawley. After rescuing and loving Rawley until her passing, ARF's Director knew she found her passion - rescue. Lucky for her, she found a great group of like-minded rescue friends who all had their own stories about their very own "Rawley" (although the names were different). Together, this group of rescue friends founded the Angels of Rawley Foundation in 2016.


    ARF is built around the idea that every dog deserves a chance, and is dedicated to making an impact on the lives of homeless dogs in the Southern California area. ARF is an all breed, no kill rescue and does not discriminate. Dogs of all ages, breeds, colors, and sizes are welcome. The group is particularly fond of and passionate about dogs that might be overlooked in the shelter system, such as senior pups or those with special needs.

    The Pawfect Match

    ARF prides itself on a very thorough adoption process and placing dogs into their "perfect match" homes. The majority of pups rescued by ARF are quite literally on death row, and there is no better feeling for the ARF team than watching a dog who was once slated for euthanization jump (or hobble or waddle or dive - they all do it differently) into the arms of his/her new forever family. In addition to its rescue work, ARF works to enrich the community by participating in local events, raising awareness about rescue, and advocating for spay/neuter.

    A Dynamic Duo

    ARF is thrilled to be the Spotlight Charity for Winks and Whiskers. Our crew loves the Winks and Whiskers message, the apparel, and the team behind the brand. Thank you so much everyone who contributes to our cause over these next two months. Our pups and our peeps are deeply grateful!

    Angels of Rawley Foundation - ARF

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