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May and June 10% of profits go to Cause for Canines!
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    Questions? We love those!

    We’re always excited to know if we’ve sparked your curiosity, and are happy to answer questions directly. But if time is of the essence, here are a few of the questions we get asked most often.

    Who are Winks and Whiskers?:

    We’re Eric and Kayla, the style and savvy behind Winks and Whiskers. Not long after getting married, we adopted our rottie/chow mix, Sadie, who changed our lives forever. Together, we decided to create a brand of on-trend graphic tees and apparel for pet-proud, design-minded individuals of the world.

    But who’s Winks and who’s Whiskers?

    Neither of us, actually. The Winks and Whiskers moniker is an homage to our fur baby, Sadie, whose one-eyed appearance and unruly facial follicles inspired us every day to take on new challenges and explore uncharted territories!

    About Our Products

    Who creates your designs?

    We both devote our hearts and minds to the creative process, coming up with ideas for shirts and apparel we’d like to wear ourselves. Eric is the graphic designer who executes the ideas while Kayla takes care of business.

    So then, do you print these yourselves?

    We partner with a printer, but the entire process, from ideation to production, is very hands-on for all three of us. We design, market, package and personally ship, Sadie-approved, products right from our own home.

    About Our Mission

    You donate part of your profits to charity

    That’s right, a portion of our net proceeds benefit dog and pet adoption-related charities! Our pal Sadie has given us so much — she’s our muse, after all. Giving back is our way of honoring her, beyond just our brand. We want to help other pups, like Sadie, find their forever homes, and help pet people, like us, find their inspiration!

    Join the Pack!

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