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Our Story

Let's get to the most important aspects of our business: we sell on-trend pet parent apparel that gives back, we are a "pet family" owned company, and we are all about lifestyle driven tees and tanks. It's all inspired by our rescue...

One afternoon in 2014 at a rescue shelter, we met Sadie, a five-year-old, one-eyed rottie/chow mix who stole our hearts. From that moment on, our lives were changed for good. Neither of us ever imagined how much pet adoption would affect us. Since that day almost four years ago, Sadie has never left our side. So, in a little coffee shop in Grandview, Ohio, we came up with an idea for a line of apparel that would speak to pet parents like ourselves: proud and passionate with an eye for great design out of a need for on-trend pet-proud apparel, Winks and Whiskers was born. With Sadie, our One-Eyed-Wonder by our side, we're bringing the world fresh, fashion-forward graphic tees, tanks and accessories.

Meet the team! Winks and Whiskers is run by Eric, Kayla, and Sadie. We take care of everything from designs to shipping. We are so humbled by our Woof Pack, and we hope to keep the momentum going. We love to attend events, we love hitting up the next pet friendly patio, and we especially love keeping up with our fellow pet parents! Eric's favorite shirt is This is My Woof Pack, and Kayla's is Pawsitive Vibes. Sadie seems to be leaning towards Pups and Patios! Aside from running our business, we travel full time. Our home is a 28 foot RV, and we drive under the flag, Camping with the Kemps! Feel free to learn more about that here.

We take so much pride in our designs. They start on paper and end in ink. Everything is crafted in house, and we answer a simple question: would we wear this ourselves? Whether our office is at a campground or at the next local coffee shop, we are inspired by travel and life with our dog. 

One of Eric's first gigs out of college was at a screen printer, and he immediately fell in love the idea that you can express yourself in such a fundamental fashion. Grab a tee, head out, and immediately meet people with similar views—all because you wore your favorite shirt. In this case, you can brag about your tee giving back to a charitable cause!

When we say we enjoy attending events, we mean it! As we travel full time, we make sure to stop at every pet parent event we can. It's a great opportunity for us to not only give back to the attending cause, but we get to meet like-minded people who all care for the same thing—giving pets the best home possible. 

We've also shipped tees from coast to coast, resonating with dog owners across the nation. We mean this when we say it and we've been to a lot of different places—pets bring us all together. Please feel free to reach out and tell us about your upcoming event! We would love to attend.