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    Let’s face it. A lot of people didn’t vibe with 2017. Tucked with our tails between our legs, we all moved on to 2018 hoping for greener pastures (dog parks). We love the New Year, and we love fresh starts and second chances. Just ask our Spotlight Charities!

    Our Take on the Trendy Phrase

    Year of the Dog gives us a chance to celebrate the bond between woman and dog. In our opinion, all dog mom’s value honesty, friendliness, loyalty, smarts, and responsibility regardless of being born within the appropriate Chinese Horoscope Calendar. When we started brainstorming with our lovely and talented Brand Ambassadors, we knew this year had to be something special. It seemed the Universe aligned when we started to read up on the Year of the Dog. If you consider yourself a “Dog Mom”, it’s not something that is put on mugs, socks, and the like. It means your someone who values second chances. You constantly take care of your dog, who takes care of you back. It’s simple and it’s something a lot of us are passionate about.


    Inspired by Those Closest to Us

    We wanted to take the time to recognize some of our favorite dog moms, our very own Winks and Whiskers Brand Ambassadors. Together we came up with our own take of “Dog Mom”. In one of those super inspirational email threads, the kind that wants to get you up and doing pilates with your pup, we talked through everything from shirt style to ink color. “Year of the Dog (Mom)” is a shameless metaphor for a new year of fun adventures with YOUR four legged friend as well as challenging ourselves to do more good and keep the Pawsitive Vibes flowing.

    A Bond with Brody

    Kelly is one of those dog moms who treats her beloved mutt, Brody, like her first-born baby. She and takes him with her wherever she can: to new dog parks, yappy hours, Starbucks, pet-friendly restaurants, or just while out-and-about. She is constantly trying to better Brody’s life by paying attention to his health, wants and needs and buying him lots of cute toys and yummy treats. There are of course challenges that come with raising your first dog, but she patiently works through them with kindness and understanding.

    Check them out here!

    Sadie the One-Eyed Wonder

    Kayla runs Winks and Whiskers alongside her husband and rescue, Sadie. We know her story, as it’s pasted all of this website. These past couple of years have been full of change and adventure. The constant? Sadie. Kayla isn’t exactly a helicopter dog mom, but she definitely has the best interest of her four-legged friend. You can find Kayla talking to Instagram friends about raw diets, checking Sadie for ticks after every hike, and coaxing our senior pup with treats for snuggles! Her New Year Resolution is to feed Sadie a more holistic diet.

    Check us out here!

    Woof, Wag, and Wander!

    Christine currently resides in the desert with her husband and two adorable pups, Zoey and Nash. Her fur-friendly family is always up for anything - whether it's a day spent adventuring or a lazy day cuddling at home! Her signature is traveling with Zoey and Nash whenever and wherever possible and making sure to stop along the way for LOTS of photos. She has tons of knowledge to drop on pet friendly places and how to help your dog shine in front of the camera. Fun fact: she has enjoyed taking a variety of training classes with her dogs to build confidence and strengthen her bond with them!

    Check them out here!

    The Design

    After around six different mock-ups we finally came to a consensus. It wasn't the most original phrase as we plastered "Dog Mom" on the tee, but it was something we were undeniably passionate about. We wanted something different from greys and charcoals. We wanted a little bit of color and glam, much like our personalities. It was our turn to define "Dog Mom", and we did it by defining a new and adventerous year.

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